Working on two projects in the same area of Pennsylvania, but about 250 years apart. What used to be foot trails used by Native Americans are now highways, but the old churches and meeting houses built by settlers are still here today. I do feel the rich history when I hike in our Pennsylvania forests, and often wonder how everything looked before European settlers arrived. Maps designed for Arthur Andrew Olson III for an article about immigration and settling of Ulster Scots in Pennsylvania and Purple Lizard Maps: Tuscarora State Forest (

Erin Greb Cartography is back in Doylestown, PA, after a year in NYC. Here is a selection of work I’ve done over the last few years. Although much of my work is custom made for scholarly publications, I also create recreational maps, locator maps, and tourist maps.

I am happy to be working with Mind Your Design as an official sponsor this year, designing the Doylestown Arts Festival map. This involved a print piece as well as an interactive web map, soon to be published on their new website.

This map shows the Doylestown Arts Festival, the Bucks County Classic bicycle criterium race, the DART shuttle bus route, and the train station. Hope this helps the community get to and navigate the festival with ease!

The Budweiser Clydesdales are in Doylestown, PA, today making deliveries to restaurants and bars. I whipped up this quick map to help the locals find a viewing spot on their route. This is just a start to much more community mapping!

This is the way curved type was handled before design software was used! I am in the process of updating a map with an original copyright date of 1977, and using the tools on has been quite useful to help me determine what fonts were used.